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A Guide to Unclogging

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The Plumbing Problem of Clogging in Fort Lauderdale

Plumbing problems are unexpected problems that can arise when you least expect them to. But, as experts of plumbing Fort Lauderdale say, we cannot anticipate the occurrence but we surely stop it through regular checkups and proper maintenance. If you suffering from recurring problems in the toilets, especially with clogging then you will find this guide very useful. Here are few tips that would guide and aid you to prevent toilet clogging that happens in every toilet or kitchen several times a year.

Tips to solve toilet-clogging problem

  1. Ensure that you have a garbage can in your bathroom. There are no doubts when we say that people will surely dispose tissue papers, toilet papers and body wipes the improper way if there are no garbage disposal boxes or cans nearby. The absence of a garbage can will make your guests feel your toilet is the disposable area for all these tissues that later on will clog.
  2. There are flushable toilet paper available in the market, and to be sure that if someone accidentally dumps toilet paper in the pan, you buy these papers to avoid clogs. However, it is better to remember that these toilet papers are not different than any other toilet papers. They do not affect your toilet now but in the end, they affect the overall system of drainage and come back biting. So avoid them as much as possible.
  3. A few things that should never go down your toilet, remember them, and they are dental floss, facial tissues, body wipes, napkins, hair, coffee grounds, cigarette butt, diapers, plastic, and greasy items. Avoiding these things in your toilet will reduce the clogging problem to half.
  4. Do not over flush the toilet. Most people keep on flushing one after the other to get rid of bowel content from the toilet, but this only clogs the toilet more. Let the first flush settle down before you flush again.
  5. Do not place any toiletries above the toilet tank. If by accident any of the items drops in the pan, it will just worsen the condition of clogging.

Experts on plumbing Fort Lauderdale think these tips will help every person to avoid the problem of toilet sinking being clogged to a good extent. Along with routine maintenance and checkup of the toilet, follow these measures to keep your bathroom clean, hygienic, and free from germs.

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