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Hydro Excavation in Fort Lauderdale

Hydro Excavation in Fort Lauderdale

Tunnels are required for installing pipes, cables, fiber optic cables, telephone lines, and other in-ground utilities. Every city needs tunnels. Fort Lauderdale is no exception. However, in Fort Lauderdale, there are professional plumbing services that use the hydro excavation process to dig tunnels. The process is safe and has less environmental impact than traditional excavation techniques.

Hydro excavation is a process that uses pressurized water and industrial strength vacuum to excavate and remove soil simultaneously. The soil and water are transferred by vacuum to a debris tank. It is a non-destructive and non-mechanical process. The traditional method to dig a tunnel includes manual digging or mechanical digging. It poses the risk of damaging underground utilities. Also, it is almost impossible to dig a precise tunnel, manually, and it is a back breaking process as well. The traditional mechanical digging is time-consuming, and it affects the environment. Hydro excavation uses water to break up the soil. It results in safe, fast, and precise excavations that require less backfill, labor, and restoration.


Potholing or Daylighting is the process of exposing or excavating underground utilities using hydro excavation. This digging method is cost effective and time-saving. This method can be used to dig holes for the installation of telephone poles, signs, fences, and so on.

Slot trenching

The process of digging narrow trenches using hydro excavation, for the purpose of installing pipes or cables can be termed as slot trenching. This method can be used to dig trenches even on frozen surfaces, safely and quickly. You will be able to locate underground utilities, and install sprinkler systems without the risk of causing damage to previously installed lines or systems.

Debris removal

Hydro excavation can be used to remove debris and clean structures without causing any damage to the nearby areas. It is an ideal method for sludge removal, cleaning up spills, and basin cleaning.

Piling hole excavation

Hydro excavation is ideal for piling hole excavation since the whole process can be done with precision. Piling hole excavation requires holes of different diameters and depths. Hydro excavation method also ensures that the whole process is completed safely.

Cold weather digging

Truck-mounted heaters are installed in hydro-excavation trucks. This means that work can be done even during cold weather. Since it does not have to rely on traditional ground thawing methods that use coal and wood, hydro excavation does not contribute to environmental pollution.

Remote digging

Hydro excavation equipment can be placed away from the excavation site. This is helpful when working at traffic congested sites. Also, it helps when working in tight spaces.

Hydro excavation is a very innovative method that can be used to dig holes, tunnels or trenches. This method ensures that a beautiful place stays beautiful even after an excavation job.


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Benefits of Pipe Replacement

Though many people have this perception that replacing pipes at their homes can be a stressful and financially painful process but in reality it may not be so. In fact, if you are hiring the services of a good plumber, such replacements can be done within a few hours thus bringing down the labor costs and reduce the severity of other damages.

If you are facing problems with damaged pipes at your home, you should try avoiding the negative consequences by replacing it as soon as possible. Here are some of the key benefits of replacing the faulty pipes in your home.

Pipe replacements can be completed within a day’s time

Today, the plumbing functions have become very modern and can be replaced within one day if proper techniques and latest technologies are deployed. As a result your labor costs can come down drastically and lengthy excavation and digging can be avoided. So replacing your faulty pipes can be completed within some hours. It is because time for replacing the pipes have drastically come down that replacement costs are also lesser. Going for quality pipe replacements are efficient mechanisms for fixing your malfunctioned or damaged water line.

Pipes replacement is reasonably priced contrary to common perception

One of the key benefits of replacing pipes in the modern times is that they cost relatively less and thus are quite affordable for people. Modern plumbing technologies need less digging to be done and so are extremely cost-effective in the long term, as well as, in the short term. Modern pipe replacement techniques also require that use of manual labor is minimal, so, overhead costs for labor have drastically come down. The work requirements and efficiency of these latest techniques have led to reduced operations costs as opposed to the earlier methods. While considering choices for water pipe replacement, there are many owners who forget to include costs of repair materials and renovations that should be also included in the overall costs for replacement of pipes.

Longer life span for quality pipe replacement in Pompano Beach

When you use quality materials and techniques for pipe replacements, the output is simply great. You get pipes that are high in performance and last for several years without giving you any trouble. When you use quality materials for replacing or repairing your pipes chances of future damages in the pipes can come down. So make sure that you use quality materials and services for replacing your pipes so that it is not a temporary solution for your house.


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How to find a Professional Plumber

There are a number of plumbing companies in Fort Lauderdale. Out of all the plumbing companies in Broward county, Bob Smith Plumbing has proven to have top rated customer satisfaction. In South Florida, customer satisfaction goes along way in making your plumbing process stressfree. The best way to find a professional plumber is by conducting an interview. The following are some points that will help you to make a good and informed decision during the interview process with a potential plumber before you entrust him / her with some of the most important plumbing fixtures of your home.

Check credentials

The first thing you have to find out is whether the potential plumber is a licensed plumber in the state of Florida. He / she should be able to provide you with a copy of the license or, at least, the license number. Verify the license number in the DBPR (Department of Business and Professional Regulation) website. Check for any complaints and how it was handled as well. You can also search for information about the plumber’s company in Better Business Bureau website as well. You don’t have to dismiss the potential plumber as soon as you find a complaint, rather see how the complaint was handled. If it was handled well that made the customer happy, then you can consider to hire the plumber. A professional plumber will have no problem sharing any of the information with you.

Detailed estimate

Ask the potential plumber for a detailed estimate. A professional plumber will be able to provide you with a precise estimate. It will contain the cost of labor and the price of fixtures or parts that will have to be replaced. Some plumbers in Fort Lauderdale will quote a global price for labor while the others charge by the hour. In either case, the charge should be clear to you. In most of the cases, a plumber will charge you a service call fee, however, this should be waived upon hiring that plumber. Make sure you discuss this with the plumber.

Ask the plumber about the plumbing fixtures

Check with the plumber what type of plumbing fixtures he / she is planning to use. Ask for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts, especially for water heaters, toilets, shower heads, and faucets. This is to ensure that the parts / fixtures that the plumber is planning to use will be compatible with your existing plumbing installation.

Hiring a professional plumber in Fort Lauderdale will ensure that the plumbing job will be handled in a very honest and professional way.

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Residential Plumbing Services

There are a number of residential plumbing services offered by different plumbing companies or by a professional plumber in Pompano Beach, but finding the most efficient company to do a quality job is where the process can become stressful. The following are some of the services offered by Bob Smith Plumbing in Broward County:

Emergency plumber

There are some plumbing problems that have to be taken care of immediately. Otherwise, they will become big issues that will cost you a lot of money. For example, if your basement floods at three in the morning, it is vital that you get an emergency plumber to come right away to fix the problem to prevent further damage. There are plumbers in Pompano Beach who are available 24/7, like Bob Smith Plumbing.

Outdoor faucet repair

People generally use their outdoor faucet during the warmer seasons. They generally use it to water the garden or wash the car. Just like the indoor faucets, the outdoor faucets can sometimes become damaged, and start leaking. It can lead to flooding, higher water bills, and many other problems. A professional plumber in Pompano Beach will be able to help you fix the outdoor faucet.

Sump pump installation, maintenance and repairs

A sump pump is used to remove water from crawl spaces and basements. Most of the new homes are equipped with sump pumps, however, older homes are not. A plumber in Pompano Beach, like Bob Smith, will be able to install a sump pump for you if your home doesn’t have one installed. He / She will be able to help with its maintenance and repair as well.

Water restoration service

Flooding can happen due to rainstorms or due to a leak in the water heater. Whatever the reason may be, water restoration is something that only a professional plumber should do. A professional plumber will evaluate the level of damage first and fix the origin of the problem. He / She will get rid of any standing water, remove damaged drywall, carpeting or furniture from the premise and use air movers to dry out the rooms.

Video camera line inspection service

One of the most valuable tools of a plumber nowadays is the video camera. A waterproof camera can be used to inspect the sewer lines and other pipes in your home. This helps a plumber to find out the inside conditions of a pipe and other potential problems. It will help the plumber to fix the issue effectively.

ADditional Services:

  • Leak Repairs
  • Toliet Repair
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Sewer Line Repair
  • Downspout Repair

These are just a few of the residential plumbing service offered by Bob Smith Plumbing in Pompano Beach. Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to know if we can meet your plumbing needs.

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Fort Lauderdale Plumber’s DIY Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, you have at least once experienced the malfunctioning or damaged condition of your toilet. A faulty toilet or a leak in the faucet pipe can be a waste of time for you as well as the waste of a lot of money. Other than this, it also poses the dangers of health problems. Some of these bathroom problems need to be fixed immediately or else it can cause severe damage or hygiene issues. Here are few DIY tips from reputed plumber Fort Lauderdale that will assist homeowners to find immediate solution.

Clogs – a common problem

Minor toilet clogs can be easily removed with the help of a force-cup plunger. This type of plunger known also as flange plunger gives better vacuum seal for toilets than any other type of classic plungers. If you tightly grab the plunger in and out repeatedly, the clog will be removed. A good trick for increasing the suction of the plunger is to apply petroleum jelly around the ringer for quicker results.

Leaks – the unnoticed problem

Leaks are another common problem in toilets that often goes unnoticed till it becomes a major problems. Leaks are hard to find. They are caused by a misaligned flapper valve. The best way to check a leak is to drop some food coloring in the storage tank. The color will soon show up and you can then adjust the flapper valve to seal leak. It hardly takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete the task. If the new adjustment did not make any positive change, simply change the valve.

A runny toilet

Not a very common problem, but you may face the problem of runny toilet. To stop the condition, check the flush lever and its connecting chain with the rubber flapper. If the chain is too short or too long that can cause the problem. So adjust the length of the chain to resolve. If adjustment is not possible, change the chain and to do that call a plumber Fort Lauderdale.

It is essential for every person to perform a routine check at least thrice a year to ensure that the condition of the toilet remains good. Unable to do so, you may face major plumbing problems that will cost you time and money. It will also increase the level of unhygienic conditions at your home by helping germs to breed.


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A Guide to Unclogging

The Plumbing Problem of Clogging in Fort Lauderdale

Plumbing problems are unexpected problems that can arise when you least expect them to. But, as experts of plumbing Fort Lauderdale say, we cannot anticipate the occurrence but we surely stop it through regular checkups and proper maintenance. If you suffering from recurring problems in the toilets, especially with clogging then you will find this guide very useful. Here are few tips that would guide and aid you to prevent toilet clogging that happens in every toilet or kitchen several times a year.

Tips to solve toilet-clogging problem

  1. Ensure that you have a garbage can in your bathroom. There are no doubts when we say that people will surely dispose tissue papers, toilet papers and body wipes the improper way if there are no garbage disposal boxes or cans nearby. The absence of a garbage can will make your guests feel your toilet is the disposable area for all these tissues that later on will clog.
  2. There are flushable toilet paper available in the market, and to be sure that if someone accidentally dumps toilet paper in the pan, you buy these papers to avoid clogs. However, it is better to remember that these toilet papers are not different than any other toilet papers. They do not affect your toilet now but in the end, they affect the overall system of drainage and come back biting. So avoid them as much as possible.
  3. A few things that should never go down your toilet, remember them, and they are dental floss, facial tissues, body wipes, napkins, hair, coffee grounds, cigarette butt, diapers, plastic, and greasy items. Avoiding these things in your toilet will reduce the clogging problem to half.
  4. Do not over flush the toilet. Most people keep on flushing one after the other to get rid of bowel content from the toilet, but this only clogs the toilet more. Let the first flush settle down before you flush again.
  5. Do not place any toiletries above the toilet tank. If by accident any of the items drops in the pan, it will just worsen the condition of clogging.

Experts on plumbing Fort Lauderdale think these tips will help every person to avoid the problem of toilet sinking being clogged to a good extent. Along with routine maintenance and checkup of the toilet, follow these measures to keep your bathroom clean, hygienic, and free from germs.

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Four Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Plumber in Fort Lauderdale

It is definitely not an easy task to find a reliable plumber as you need to do quite a bit of research. You may be searching frantically through the results of an Internet search, classified ads or local directories, but it is vital to know how to make a judicious decision. It has been seen that in a majority of cases, homeowners randomly select a plumber that often lead to shabby or substandard work.

But there are some serious mistakes that you need to avoid when selecting an emergency plumber in Fort Lauderdale. Here are some of them:

  1. Do not hire a plumbing contractor or a plumber only because their price quotation was the lowest

This is one of the major mistakes that you must avoid while hiring a plumber. Factors like customer service strategy of the plumber, quality of workmanship and timing schedule should be checked before you hire a plumber in Fort Lauderdale. As they say, you will get based on what you pay. So, if you make up your mind to hire a plumber, you do it based on the overall value you would receive and not because of the cheapest price.

  1. Do not hire a plumber without checking his credentials

This is a serious mistake that should be avoided as checking his credentials go a long way in making sure that the plumber here enjoys a good reputation in the locality. This may be due to his good service in the area. In order to tackle issues related to plumbing, you must have the desired skills and expertise. So make sure that you are checking the plumber’s license, relevant experience details and insurance liability. Remember that all plumbers are not the same.

  1. Do not change your plumber frequently

You may have details of three to four good plumbers in hand and want to give a chance to each one of them for your plumbing repair work. You might be thinking that this is an excellent way to conduct your business. To some extent, this argument may be correct. But a plumber who enjoys a good word of mouth may have his own set of loyal customers and they may not wish to deal with price shoppers. So if you get a good plumber and are happy with his services, it is better to be loyal to him. If you keep flip-flopping from one plumber to the next, a goo plumbing company may not prefer to keep you as their client. Price should never be the most important criteria as good service and quality matter a lot too.

  1. Do give the plumber enough time

You must ensure that the plumber gets sufficient time so that your job can be completed in a proper manner. When you rush things too much, mistakes can be quite common. When you have established a proper communication channel with your plumber, you can save headaches, money and your time quite easily

So these are some of the mistakes that you must avoid whenever you are hiring a plumber in Fort Lauderdale.




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Plumber in Fort Lauderdale

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Plumber in Fort Lauderdale

So, one fine day, you face an emergency plumbing problem in the middle of the night. It isn’t a thrilling option to try to mend it yourself. Moreover, you may not be adequately skilled in handling such problems. There are many people, who prefer to download tutorials from the Internet for undertaking the plumbing repair tasks all by themselves. For all such people, saving money by not calling a plumber in Fort Lauderdale may be the priority during such times.

However, your plumbing system may be immensely sophisticated and it might require years of expertise to learn the task of plumbing. In fact trying to repair your plumbing problems yourself may cause even more damages and expense to you than you may have imagined, as you are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the problem.

Here are some of the key advantages of hiring a professional plumbing contractor in Fort Lauderdale:

Good working knowledge            

A professional plumber has excellent working knowledge about the various plumbing systems. They have the necessary experience to know which parts should be fitted where. If a particular part is out of the market for a certain period of time, they can recommend an alternative part that can operate as well. Thus, professional plumbers can save you your precious effort and time. More importantly you can avoid a headache and hassles of doing the repair work all by yourself.

Offers invaluable advice

A professional plumbing contractor can be of a great help by offering invaluable advice to you. He or she can work with you to ascertain whether the old system should be maintained or you should get a new system installed. A professional plumber can also you inputs on all types of plumbing projects

Saves your money

A professional plumber can also help you in saving your money by advising you on the most advanced, superior quality, money-saving and energy-efficient plumbing parts available in the market. Such parts are often available with a guarantee of both maintenance and service. These professional plumbing services have reliable sources where you can get the required plumbing parts at quite a reasonable cost. They have the required equipment, experience, and training for completing the installation rapidly so that all types of key interferences can be avoided around your home.

Have the right tools.            

The professional plumbers have the appropriate plumbing tools to fix the plumbing problem. Most of the plumbing problems can be fixed by a particular tool and a professional plumber has this plumbing tool to get the repairs done at the very first time in a proper manner.

Thus, from the above discussion it is clear that whenever you hire a professional plumber, you will get a high level of service and complete peace of your mind. This works much better than trying to the repair works on your own. A successful professional plumber expands its business through positive word of mouth ads and repeat customers. Most plumbing companies ensure that that their customers are thoroughly satisfied so that there would be a high likelihood of repeated business for them. If you are not properly trained in plumbing works and try to do that yourself, you may have to continue working till the problem is fixed. And you do not know whether you are doing it rightly or not.

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Four Tips for Finding a Good Plumber in Pompano Beach

You will agree that most of us do not think of summoning a plumber till it is too late and the water is already leaking all over your toilet walls. But it is important that you are always prepared for an emergency. For doing so, you should immediately start the process by preparing a list of qualified plumbers. Once such a list is prepared, you can be better equipped with a plumbing emergency in your home in Pompano Beach.

1. Referrals from your known ones can be a great help
This is an easy way to pick up a good plumber for your household plumbing services. People usually ask their friends, associates, and family to recommend them the details of a good plumber. This is an excellent idea as they are most likely to give you the details about a plumber whose services they are satisfied with. This step can be used as a beginning point for collecting contact details of about 3 to 5 plumbers. The names that you are collecting should also depend on the severity of your repair work. Alternatively, you can ask some real estate agents in the neighborhood for good referrals. Your aim is to look for such a plumber or plumbers who are aware of keeping low overhead costs and keep their existing clients satisfied through their services.

2. Check whether the concerned plumber has a valid license
After you have prepared a detailed list of plumbers in your neighborhood, it is recommended that the concerned plumbers are pre-qualified to ensure that you really think them fit to bid for your repairing work. One of the key steps would be to check whether the plumber has a license for operating in that state. In some states, a plumbing license may be mandatory and so it is imperative to do so. Make sure to check the background of the plumber and take a test on his job-related competency. All these steps will lead to an excellent start to the plumbing pre-qualification process.

3. Check for complaint
As you are progressing towards the journey of finding a good plumber for your plumbing work, you need to check whether the plumber you are considering to hire has any complaints against him or not. You can do this by checking with the licensing board of your state. This is the first place where dissatisfied homeowners usually lodge a complaint about their bad experience with a licensed plumber.

4. Reviews and feedback
We all know how popular the web has become with more and more users posting their feedback and reviews online. These users write about their experiences with the plumbing contractors, as well as, plumbers alike. Thus, it is a brilliant idea to online reviews or feedback for a plumber you want to hire. A fast way to do so is to enter the name or business name of the concerned plumber into a search engine. You can also add keywords like “reviews” or “review” when searching for these online reviews to ensure better search results.


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