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Hydro Excavation in Fort Lauderdale

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Hydro Excavation in Fort Lauderdale

Tunnels are required for installing pipes, cables, fiber optic cables, telephone lines, and other in-ground utilities. Every city needs tunnels. Fort Lauderdale is no exception. However, in Fort Lauderdale, there are professional plumbing services that use the hydro excavation process to dig tunnels. The process is safe and has less environmental impact than traditional excavation techniques.

Hydro excavation is a process that uses pressurized water and industrial strength vacuum to excavate and remove soil simultaneously. The soil and water are transferred by vacuum to a debris tank. It is a non-destructive and non-mechanical process. The traditional method to dig a tunnel includes manual digging or mechanical digging. It poses the risk of damaging underground utilities. Also, it is almost impossible to dig a precise tunnel, manually, and it is a back breaking process as well. The traditional mechanical digging is time-consuming, and it affects the environment. Hydro excavation uses water to break up the soil. It results in safe, fast, and precise excavations that require less backfill, labor, and restoration.


Potholing or Daylighting is the process of exposing or excavating underground utilities using hydro excavation. This digging method is cost effective and time-saving. This method can be used to dig holes for the installation of telephone poles, signs, fences, and so on.

Slot trenching

The process of digging narrow trenches using hydro excavation, for the purpose of installing pipes or cables can be termed as slot trenching. This method can be used to dig trenches even on frozen surfaces, safely and quickly. You will be able to locate underground utilities, and install sprinkler systems without the risk of causing damage to previously installed lines or systems.

Debris removal

Hydro excavation can be used to remove debris and clean structures without causing any damage to the nearby areas. It is an ideal method for sludge removal, cleaning up spills, and basin cleaning.

Piling hole excavation

Hydro excavation is ideal for piling hole excavation since the whole process can be done with precision. Piling hole excavation requires holes of different diameters and depths. Hydro excavation method also ensures that the whole process is completed safely.

Cold weather digging

Truck-mounted heaters are installed in hydro-excavation trucks. This means that work can be done even during cold weather. Since it does not have to rely on traditional ground thawing methods that use coal and wood, hydro excavation does not contribute to environmental pollution.

Remote digging

Hydro excavation equipment can be placed away from the excavation site. This is helpful when working at traffic congested sites. Also, it helps when working in tight spaces.

Hydro excavation is a very innovative method that can be used to dig holes, tunnels or trenches. This method ensures that a beautiful place stays beautiful even after an excavation job.


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