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Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Replacement

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Bob Smith Plumbing Florida TruckThere was a time when pipe replacement was an expensive, stressful, and painfully slow process. Nowadays, with innovative, and advanced technologies like trenchless technology, pipe replacement can be done in a convenient, and economical way. Trenchless technology is a type of subsurface construction work that requires few trenches or no continuous trenches. The technology has already become very popular in the construction sector.


The Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Replacement in Broward County

Minimum digging

Traditional pipe replacement requires digging up your lawn, patio or any area above the pipes. This will really impact your landscape. Also, once the pipes are replaced, you will have to spend money to fix your lawn. Trenchless pipe replacement requires minimal digging. In this process, a strong bursting head is used to fragment and clear / push away your existing pipe. It will pave the way for the new pipe to be inserted. The new pipe is actually attached to the backside of the bursting head. In this way, the new pipe will be installed as the old pipe is being pushed away. Only a small entry point is required for the bursting head and the pipe.

Economical Option

Trenchless pipe replacement is cost-effective compared to traditional pipe replacement. Traditional pipe replacement in Pompano Beach requires you to spend money for digging operations, trenching labor, lawn renovations, and repair materials. Trenchless techniques result in minimal operational costs.

Time-efficient Procedure

Trenchless pipe replacement can be completed in a day. In fact, without lengthy digging and pipe excavation procedures, trenchless pipe replacement can be done in a matter of hours. This will help you from making other arrangements for supply, like water supply.

Safer for Your Family and Home

Traditional pipe replacement methods can be harmful to both your family and the repair workers. Harmful mold and asbestos can be unearthed with these methods. This may pose a health risk for your family, and the workers. The trenchless method only deals with your existing water lines, leaving the soil above untouched.

Improved Long-term Performance

Trenchless pipe replacement can improve the performance of your home water pipe. As the trenchless process literally bursts your damaged pipe and clears the pipe fragments away, space is then cleared / made for newer, and larger diameter replacements. It can practically increase the flow and pressure of your home’s water line.

Repair your Damaged Pipes

Trenchless repair solutions can fix almost any kind of damage to your pipes. For example, it can fix damage caused by plant penetration, fix pipe corrosion, cure a water pipe to its original performance, and so on. This also can be done effectively and economically.


Epoxy resin and perma-liner used in the new pipes can give them a lengthy lifespan. Trenchless water pipe replacements can repair any damage to your pipes, as well as prevent any line damages from happening in the future. These perma-liner technologies create a powerful, sturdy coating against further line intrusions and provide a more permanent solution, rather than a temporary pipe solution. This is essential in areas like Pompano Beach, because of our environmental concerns surrounding plumbing.

Modern technology has made everything more efficient and cost-effective. Same is the case with plumbing solutions. The best example is the trenchless pipe replacement process. There was a time when many of the homeowners in Broward County hesitated from even having their pipes checked for damages, because of its damaging effect on their lawn. They also hesitated because of the stress involved, both budgetary and that of mind. Nowadays, with the latest technology available in the plumbing sector, plumbing works can be done effectively, efficiently, economically and in a timely manner.

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