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Why You Should Replace Old Pipes With PVC

Cast iron pipes had been the standard in plumbing for a long time. They were usually the primary choice because of their strength, durability, and cost-efficiency. But iron pipes were also used because there was no alternative back then. So even if your pipe rusted, cracked or leaked, you had no choice but to replace them with a new iron pipe.

There are pipe replacement options now that are better and sturdier than iron. PVC is the most commonly chosen type of pipes these days because they offer a wide range of benefits that aren’t available with iron pipes. If your household has old iron pipes that need replacement, here are the most important reasons why you should choose PVC.

PVC is lightweight

Iron pipes are heavy and require a team of installers to carry and fit a single pipe. The weight of the metal also leads to injuries a lot of times. In comparison, PVC pipes are lightweight, and a single installer can easily hoist and fit the pipe. This not only eliminates the risk of injuries but also reduces transportation and installation costs. The low weight of the pipes aids in faster installation.

PVC is flexible

The high flexibility of PVC pipes makes them resistant to fracture, and reduces chances of leaks and cracks. While metal erodes over time, PVC compound remains intact, and its elasticity allows the pipe to yield under pressure without fracturing. This feature of PVC pipes is the reason why they are the pipes of choice in high pressure and high movement places. Despite pressure and vibration, PVC remains intact without cracking.

PVC has tighter joints

Joint tightness is a critical feature of every pipe. When the joints aren’t tight enough, they are susceptible to leakage that can affect the longevity of pipes. PVC pipes have the highest joint tightness compared to other types of pipes.

Different kinds of joints are seen in PVC pipes, but push-together gasketed joints have been found to be more effective than anything else. Fusion joints are also seen in PVC pipes these days that provide a fully sealed pipeline best suited for places that have a risk of contamination.

PVC is durable

Iron pipes are prone to rust, and it leads to cracks, leaks, and contamination. Replacing metal pipes are expensive but they must be done every few years as the pipes deteriorate. PVC has no such issues. PVC is the most advanced type of plastic that does not crack, leak, or rust, and one pipe can last for many years, even decades, without needing replacement. The durability of PVC makes it a cost-efficient solution.

PVC is safe

PVC is a nontoxic material that’s safe to use for all kinds of plumbing purposes. It is flame resistant, and does not get overheated in the absence of an external source. PVC is an advanced plastic that’s tested for safety and durability, and has been in use for more than five decades.

If your home is older than 50 years, and the iron pipes are deteriorating, it is time to replace them with high-quality PVC pipes. Bob Smith Plumbing specializes in replacing pipes in Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek, Margate, North Fort Lauderdale, and most of Broward County. Schedule a complimentary on-site visit to know about your pipe replacement options.

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