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Pompano Beach Plumbing Company Uses Innovative Methods

Our Pompano Beach Plumbing Company avoids tearing out carpet and busting up your floors,  by using the process of tunneling. Tunneling in the plumbing industry allows us to fix your pipe issues with the least amount of hassle—from the outside in. At Bob Smith Plumbing, our tunneling process is done through Hydro Excavation—an innovative method which uses highly pressurized water and a vacuum to break up soil and remove it from the area.

To complete this process we complete through innovative plumbing techniques that are uncommon among local plumbing companies due to the high cost of the equipment used to perform. Evidently, Hydro Excavation and tunneling are the least destructive way of replacing pipes. By offering this technique we are able to reduce overall costs of the overall repair. You can rest assured that the interior of your home will not be affected.

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