Pipe Replacement vs. Pipelining

Why Pipe Replacement is Better Than Pipelining

A complete, permanent sewer pipe replacement is better than pipelining for a few key reasons.

Pipe replacement yields a new complete set of sewer lines vs. lining, which only repairs a few inches on either side of the damaged section.
Pipe replacement is a permanent fix. PVC is not subject to decay and rotting like cast iron is. Pipelining is a temporary fix. At any time, another section of the pipes could fail, forcing you to do the entire job again.
Pipe replacement allows you to snake the lines if they clog. Most pipe linings cannot be snaked.
Pipe replacement may be a selling point for a buyer. In Florida, a home with new pipes is always more attractive than one that risks failure at any moment.
Lined pipes inherit all future conditions like sagging.

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