Cast Iron Pipe Replacement

Over time, cast iron pipes can corrode, weaken, and ultimately fail. The safest, permanent solution is a complete replacement of the sewer system. Bob Smith Plumbing is the leading expert in replacing these aging pipes, ensuring your underground plumbing runs smoother and lasts longer.

After a video inspection, our work is segmented into three phases:


The non-destructive way to access the pipeline underground.

Carefully excavating from the outside of your home to access the problematic pipes.

The first phase in replacing your cast iron pipelines involves tunneling. Unlike intrusive methods that destroy your floors, we excavate from the outside to safeguard your home's interior and slab integrity.

Bob Smith Plumbing uses an advanced hydro-excavation method to tunnel beneath your residence. Our state-of-the-art equipment merges high-pressure water with vacuum suction, facilitating swift and precise soil removal. Hydro-excavation precision allows our seasoned technicians unobstructed access to your home's pipework.

At Bob Smith Plumbing, we are proud to utilize proprietary hydro-excavation machinery that's both efficient and environmentally responsible. Our system effectively separates soil from water, ensuring a safe and systematic disposal of materials.

Our commitment to tunneling prioritizes our dedication to preserving your home's integrity and structural essence, ensuring your flooring stays pristine and interiors remain intact.


The most comprehensive solution to repairing your broken cast iron pipes.

Replacing the old, damaged cast iron with superior and durable PVC pipes.

Following the conclusion of our precise tunneling process, we replace the compromised pipes. Re-piping is about giving your sewer lines a fresh start by replacing the deteriorated and damaged cast iron with resilient PVC.

PVC has many advantages, like:

  • Easy Installation: PVC pipes are lightweight, allowing quick and less labor-intensive installation, thus lowering costs.
  • Durability: PVC is highly flexible and resistant to cracks and leaks, making it ideal for high-pressure settings.
  • Superior Joint Tightness: PVC offers the tightest joints, reducing the risk of leaks.
  • Rust-Free: Unlike cast iron, PVC doesn't rust, increasing its lifespan and reducing the need for a replacement.
  • Safe Material: PVC is nontoxic and flame-resistant, offering a safe, reliable choice for your plumbing needs.

The re-piping process entails the removal of the old cast iron pipelines, installing connectors for the new PVC lines, supported by SS hangers that prevent rust to ensure proper pitch and prevent sagging for a permanent solution, and finalizing the installation with the PVC lines.

With Bob Smith Plumbing, you're fortifying your system for many years ahead.


Restoring the excavated areas to their original state using the strongest material available.

The final phase of our pipe replacement process is backfilling. This essential step is critical to the integrity of a home's foundation. Proper backfilling restores excavated areas to their original, or often superior, condition.

Bob Smith Plumbing uses specialized techniques and cutting-edge equipment exclusively designed for this critical step. We choose premium crushed limestone for its capacity to yield optimal compaction, ensuring the strongest, most resilient, and safest base.

Other companies may use cement for backfilling, making it challenging to repair or replace pipes in the future. Or they use the same excavated soil to refill the trench, resulting in a poorly finished backfilling job with possible long-term compromises to the foundation. Bob Smith Plumbing only uses crushed limestone to backfill.

Restoring the excavated tunnel to its original state is paramount to guaranteeing a solid foundation beneath your home. With Bob Smith Plumbing's unwavering precision and deep-seated commitment to excellence, you are assured of a fortified infrastructure, granting you peace of mind for the foreseeable future.

With Bob Smith Plumbing, you're not just getting a service. You're investing in the sustained well-being and robustness of your residence's plumbing infrastructure.

Return your home to its best state