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Descaling is the process of removing hard mineral deposits, scale, and corrosion buildup from inside sewer pipelines. Over time, these deposits can restrict wastewater flow and cause blockages. Descaling effectively restores the pipes to their original diameter and functionality.


of descaling

Improved Flow
Descaling restores pipes to their original diameter, ensuring smooth wastewater flow and preventing blockages.
Extended Lifespan
Regular descaling prolongs your sewer system's life by preventing corrosion and deterioration.
Descaling is an affordable approach to maintaining the cleanliness of your pipes.
Environmentally Friendly
Bob Smith Plumbing uses eco-friendly procedures, keeping your pipes clean without harming the environment.
Enhanced Drainage
Optimal wastewater flow means fewer odors and backups, maintaining efficient drainage.

Bob Smith Plumbing executes

a thorough process

We start with a thorough pipeline inspection using specialized cameras to gauge the amount of buildup and any damage.
Adjustable-Pressure Water Jetting
Our technicians use adjustable-pressure water jetting to effectively eliminate scale, rust, and debris from pipe interiors. It's eco-friendly and highly efficient.
Innovative Descaling Equipment
For stubborn deposits, we employ pipe-friendly descaling equipment that eliminates mineral buildup, leaving your pipes clean and free-flowing.
Post-Cleaning Inspection
We conduct a final inspection to ensure the pipes are clear and in good condition.

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