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Pipe Replacement vs. Rerouting

Why Pipe Replacement Is Better Than Rerouting

Sewer pipeline rerouting is the process of redirecting wastewater flow in a plumbing system by creating a new path or altering the existing one. This is often done to bypass damaged sections or to accommodate new structures and developments.

Sewer pipe replacement not only addresses the immediate issue but can also enhance the entire system's efficiency and lifespan. Bob Smith Plumbing only does repiping over rerouting so property owners can enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing they've invested in a solution designed to last.

Rerouting comes with several disadvantages, such as:

System Complexity
Adding new routes to an existing system can increase its complexity, potentially making future maintenance and understanding of the system layout more challenging.
Reduced Efficiency
Depending on how the rerouting is done, it can introduce inefficiencies in the flow, leading to potential blockages or reduced performance.
Temporary Fix
Rerouting can sometimes act as a band-aid solution. It might bypass a problematic section, but it doesn't address the root cause of why that section became problematic in the first place.
Increased Chance of Leaks
Introducing new joints and connections can increase the risk of leaks if not properly sealed.
Landscaping Disruptions
Rerouting can still require significant digging or trenching, potentially disrupting landscapes or hardscapes.
Permitting and Regulations
Some municipalities or regions have strict guidelines about how rerouting should be done, and acquiring the necessary permits can be time-consuming.
Limited Longevity
Even if you reroute around a problem area, other sections of the original piping might still be aging and prone to future issues.
Space Constraints
Depending on the property's layout, rerouting might not always be feasible due to lack of space or obstructions.
Potential for Mistakes
If not mapped out and compacted accurately, rerouting can lead to issues like 'bellies' where water stagnates, making the system more prone to siphoning.

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