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LightRay Pipelining

The challenges of plumbing repair often require innovative solutions. An alternative to total sewer line replacement is LightRay Pipelining, which specifically targets and renews only the broken sections of a cast iron sewer pipe.

The procedure involves inserting a specially crafted liner into the malfunctioning section of the sewer pipe. Once positioned, this liner is expertly cured (hardened) with UV light, creating a renewed structural surface within the existing line.

A great alternative

to a complete cast iron pipe replacement in certain conditions.

When is LightRay pipelining a good option?

LightRay is only an option when:

  • The ground material under the home is unsuitable (too hard) for excavation.
  • Critical situations do not allow the time needed for a full-line replacement.
  • Excavation would damage unique landscaping or vegetation.
  • Budgetary constraints are a concern.

Why is LightRay better than regular pipe liners?

  • Once mixed, regular liners must be installed quickly before the material is no longer pliable. LightRay doesn't harden until exposed to UV light, so the liner can be adjusted until it is precisely positioned.
  • You cannot snake cast iron pipes repaired with regular liners. LightRay is the only mechanically cleanable liner. Snaking won't damage the LightRay pipe liner, ensuring you can maintain your sewer system without concern.
  • LightRay doesn't need to be refrigerated like other pipe liners, requiring less equipment on your property.
  • Other pipe liners are mixed on-site. LightRay comes ready to install, making the process faster and more efficient.
  • LightRay can be installed as a same-day repair.
  • LightRay can be used to repair pipes 3-4 inches.

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